Japan entered a big way in India with the commencement of MARUTI – SUZUKI INDIA LTD . This was the company which gave India its first hatch back with a world class engineering . To maintain the high standards of engineering tolerances and quality most of the critical machines were imported from Japan.

Maruti also formed a large vendor base to cater to its requirements how ever at that time most of the vendors had to make a large investments in machinery to match with the standards of the Japanese car maker . And with the influx of these machines the Indian Industries was overflowing with machines made in Japan .Also with such a huge population of these machinery there was a large requirements of spares for these machines but this was where the bottle neck was … Most of the parts suppliers to the Japanese machine makers has minimum or no presence in India at all . So the Indian Industrialist had 2 options either to buy these spares are very high prices from the machine manufacturer itself or replace them with the locally available spares . And this story has remained the same till date.
However in the above scenario if you buy costly spares from the machine manufacturer its still better but if you try to change the spares with the locally available ones there is much to loose . Every machine builder has a special design for his hydraulic,pneumatic or electronic circuits which makes them stand apart from the other manufacturers and gives them their USP . If you try and change these critical components like Pumps , Sensors , Valves the machines will in some way or the other start to show the symptoms of slowing down . Most equipment just tend to increase the cycletime which is not good for the production targets of any company .

Some of the brands with form a integral parts of the Japanese make machines are Taiyo, Toyooki, NSK, Nachi, Mitsubishi, Yuken, Nagano, Ask, Himu, Toshiba, Toyoda, Kondo, Sugatsune, Dai-Ichi, Pilot, Nissei, CKD, SMC, Oriental, Mirai, Valcom, Denso, Janome, Yamaha, Panasonic, Yaskawa, Fuji, Kohzu, Horiuchi, Ryousei, Kobe, Urawa, Maxpull, Kyoritsu, Asahi, Aichi and many many more.

You might actually find it even to locate these companies even while using the best search engines , However we at AQUILA SALES AND SERVICES have established very good business relations with most of the companies in Japan . And hence can provide you any spare from the original manufacturer at the best price and lowest deliver time .
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